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    Cordless VoIP Solution
    for Small Businesses

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    Voice over IP Phones
    A complete portfolio of
    voice services
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    The Least Cost-Effective
    Telephone Connection

Make Your Home
a Smart Home

with Innovative Intercom Solutions

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Enterprises Business Solutions

Versatile solutions that meet the unique needs of customers in diverse market segments.
We provide all type of solutions ...

5 Elements Tecnologies Ltd. offers a unique & comprehensive set of support services that enable clients to accelerate the value gained from their investment in our products & solutions

About 5 Elements Tecnologies Ltd.

5 Elements Tecnologies Ltd. is a leading telecom solutions provider and VOIP based company, targeting emerging market enterprises with a portfolio of products - PRI Cards, VOIP Gateways, GSM/CDMA Gateways, VOIP PBX, IP-Phones, Head-Phones etc.
With more than 100+ VOIP resellers/SI across India, We are exclusive and Gold Distributor for SANGOMA.
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Contact Info

  • Corporate Office : 2 Floor, Brick Court, Woodvale Groove, West Lands
  • Mobile : +254-733426388 +254-722714589
  • Contact : tanay@5eletech.com