The Only Wireless Headsets for Sangoma IP Phones & Softphone Clients

Wireless Headsets

Roam throughout the office, continue your conversations, and enjoy the freedom of wireless communications

Enjoy complete flexibility and productivity with Sangoma wireless headsets. Whether you want to stretch your legs, take care of a task away from your desk, or working from home and want to do some housekeeping chores, our H-Series headsets ensure you are always connected.

Our models feature superior sound quality with dedicated DECT technology, superior call handling with up to 325 feet of range as well as all-day battery life. Choose from a dedicated Desktop IP Phone option, or one with added support for the Switchvox Desktop softphone or Zulu softphone for FreePBX/PBXact.

H20 Headset

No IP Phone? No Problem.

The H20 is designed to take advantage of the the Switchvox Desktop softphone and Zulu Softphone for FreePBX/PBXact. Connect the H20 directly to your workstation via the supplied USB cable and enjoy great audio and video calls.The H20 is also compatible with Sangoma D-Series and S-Series IP phones too, so that you have the flexibility to use either your desk phone or softphone (or both).

H10 Headset

Need a headset to extend the range of your Sangoma IP Phone?

The H10 connects directly to S-Series and D-Series phones for incredible wireless range.Connect an EHS adaptor to control your calls directly from the headset without need to get back to your desk .

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